Step 2 - Value Stream Mapping

How do we uncover the hidden waste in the key processes identified in Step 1 - Strategy deployment?

What is Value Stream Mapping?

Value Stream Mapping (VSM) is a great tool to help define if a business is meeting customer demand. It aligns with Strategy Deployment as a method for highlighting key area that need improving. VSM allows a team to get a 30,000 feet view of a business process. It is easier from this perceptive to identify and prioritize what needs to be improved to meet the customers needs on-time, every-time.

Value Stream Map

Advantages of Value Stream Mapping

Vale Stream Mapping can be completed without affecting the work area. The activities only require a team to observe the activities and document them. The design and development of the Value Stream Map is completed on paper back in the team meeting room. This is what makes Value Stream Mapping a powerful tool to have in any lean toolbox.

Value Stream Mapping Steps

There are four steps to a Value Stream Mapping exercise:

1. Data collection
2. Draw a current state map
3. Draw a future state map
4. Develop an implementation plan

Value Stream Mapping Video

In this short video, Chris Turner - Lean Mfg. Coach will give a brief explanation about Value Stream Mapping.

Value Stream Mapping Course

I have an individual training module for Value Stream Mapping available to purchase. It is from my advanced level training course which is Level 3 - Lean Expert in Manufacturing. For more information click the image below:

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