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Improvement Team!

You want to learn to be an effective participant in any lean improvement team! This is our bundled course which includes our Level 1 - Lean Awareness and Level 2 - Lean Practitioner training materials. You will lean  about lean concepts and terminology, and how to apply lean principles  to deliver results.

Lean Manufacturing Improvement Team Bundle

Lean Facilitator!

You want to learn about the application and integration of lean manufacturing into any business. Your goal is to share your knowledge and teach others. This is our bundled course which includes our Level 1 - Lean Awareness ,  Level 2 - Lean Practitioner and Level 3 - Lean Expert training materials. 

Lean Manufacturing Facilitator Bundle

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"Chris Turner’s expertise in lean manufacturing is very thorough. He presents the material in a manner that makes it easy to grasp...I would highly recommend getting your lean training and certification through Radical Transformation"

Steve Brown
Senior Manufacturing Manager

 "If you are seeking the truest of Lean methodologies to implement, read on. Chris Turner is a Lean guru, highly talented coach & trusted mentor. Thank you for continuing to share your coaching talents."

Darren Long
Program Analyst & CPI Lead

Your LEAN Expert course helped me tremendously in my progression through leadership. And at some point, it became clear to me that what was needed in leadership was a significantly expanded perspective of the possibilities of leadership.

Brian Cunningham
CEO & Leadership Author

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Individual Lean Manufacturing Training Courses Available

Strategy Deployment

Strategy Deployment is a planning  tool to help an executive management team to define how its business  must change through improvement to reach its  vision.

Value Stream Mapping

VSM allows a  team to get a 30,000 feet view of a  business process to identify and  prioritize what needs to be improved to  meet the customers needs  on-time, every-time.

Workplace Organization

Any organization that cannot implement a robust workplace organization procedure that includes 5S and Visual Management  techniques does not have the discipline to become a lean enterprise.

Improve Process Flow

Continuous or Single Piece Flow is the goal of any lean transformation. It helps to identify and  reduce or eliminate constraints that increases process lead time and delivery to the customer

Reduce Process Downtime

Process downtime is a  serious issue in every company because it reduces the  total number of production hours available.  One hour of downtime equals one hour of lost production time.

Implement a Pull System

Every lean transformation  process will eventually need to control the ordering, movement and replenishment of parts and materials to ensure that they are available on a just-in-time basis.

Balance the Workload

Load leveling is a necessary  technique in any lean transformation process. It assists in the removal and/or reduction of bottlenecks that increases process lead time, and delivery to the customer

Implement Standard Work

Identifying and documenting best practices is necessary in any lean transformation. It ensures quality  products or services are  produced consistently for the customer

Advanced Problem Solving

Every improvement team will need to learn advanced lean problem solving tools as they progress through their lean transformation process. 

Lean Supply Chain

Eventually an improvement team will need to shift their focus from internal processes to their supply chain. They will have to align customer demand with their supplier's ability to  consistetnly provide parts and/or materials on a just-in-time basis. 

Lean Transformation Consultant

One hour of dedicated coaching  with  Chris Turner.  - Lean Transformation Expert.

Chris has over 35 years of hands -on experience in the continuous process improvement field. 

Lean Transformation Leadership

Lean Transformation often fails because of poor leadership. The purpose of this course is to demonstrate how to implement,   establish and manage a continuous improvement  infrastructure using tried and tested lean tools and techniques.

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