Improve Process Flow

Step 4 - Remove Bottlenecks

Course Summary

 What is Process Flow?
Process flow is the continuous movement of items through an entire  production system without interference. When process flow is being  restricted items will begin to back up at certain points in the  operations, this is called a “constraint” or “bottleneck”. Too many  constraints will cause the production system to begin to slow down, and  this will increase lead times. This means it will take longer for a  business to deliver finished products to their customers.

How can a business improve Process Flow?
There are several ways that a business can improve process flow:
    1. Identify the constraints in a production process
    2. Determine the root cause of the constraints
    3. Find solutions to eliminate the root cause of the constraints
    4. Test the solutions to determine if they work

What changes will be required to improve Process Flow?
Once the root causes of the constraints are identified the solution  could require some changes in the production process. It might require a  total re-design of the equipment, methods and layout of the work area.  Employees would need to be re-trained to understand the improvements. It  would also require a process to be monitored on a regular basis to  track and trend its performance over time.

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    Step 4 - Eliminate bottlenecks

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