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"Chris Turner’s expertise in lean manufacturing is very thorough. He presents the material in a manner that makes it easy to grasp...I would highly recommend getting your lean training and certification through Radical Transformation"

Steve Brown
Senior Manufacturing Manager

 "If you are seeking the truest of Lean methodologies to implement, read on. Chris Turner is a Lean guru, highly talented coach & trusted mentor. Thank you for continuing to share your coaching talents."

Darren Long
Program Analyst & CPI Lead

 "Chris Turner is one of the best Lean Transformation Guru’s I’ve ever worked with.  He is extremely knowledgeable and articulate."

Marsh Hummel
Lean Project Manager

Your LEAN Expert course helped me tremendously in my progression through leadership. And at some point, it became clear to me that what was needed in leadership was a significantly expanded perspective of the possibilities of leadership.

Brian Cunningham
CEO & Leadership Author

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 Lean principles research can be overwhelming. 
It's like putting together a jigsaw puzzle!
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Trying to figure out which combination of lean
principles work together to deliver results?

My own lean journey began back in 1983. What I've learned since helped me design and develop the online Lean Transformation training materials available through this website.

I poured all my 35+ years of expert knowledge and hands-on experience working as a Lean Transformation Expert in the Continuous Improvement field into the creation of these training materials!

My online training courses are designed around the 10-Step Lean Transformation Training and Implementation Model which I created. It is a progressive learning model with three competency levels, which are Level 1 - Beginner, Level 2 - Intermediate, and Level 3 - Advanced. You can choose a course for the knowledge level you need, plus it's affordable and easily fits into your budget!  

Lean Training & Certification can help to boost your career prospects. Check out my blog article about the advantages of lean certification - click here...

To learn how to successfully implement lean improvements and sustain them over the long-term, take a look at my Premium Lean Improvement Training & Certification courses. I also have available some awesome free training materials.

We offer 4 types of process improvement training!

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Lean Manufacturing

Lean Office

Lean Healthcare

Lean Six Sigma

We currently offer three levels of Lean Manufacturing training. Our lean manufacturing training will provide you with knowledge about  the implementation and integration of lean tools and techniques into any manufacturing business.

We currently offer three levels of Lean Office training. With our Lean Office training you will gain a deeper understanding about the application and implementation of lean principles into an office or service environment.

We currently offer three levels of Lean Healthcare training. With our Lean Healthcare training you will gain critical knowledge about  the application and implementation of lean principles into the day-to-day activities inside a healthcare facility.

We teach practitioners what they really need to know and to move away from the complexities of traditional Lean Six Sigma programs that are stuffed with tools and techniques that most practitioners don't need or will never use.

Lean Manufacturing Training Course
Lean Office Training Course
Lean Healthcare Training Course
Lean Six Sigma Training Courses

Six Sigma Training

I have held a Six Sigma Black Belt for several years. It has been a great asset throughout my working career. I found it to be very helpful when working with clients to solve some of their critical problems.

I am pleased to announce that Radical Transformation has partnered with OpEx Learning. We now offer their Six Sigma training courses. OpEx Learning is an IACET accredited provider. Click here for more information...

Implement a Lean Management System - Create Change Through Improvement

Chris Turner designed and developed an innovative and practical improvement system that he called the 10-Step Training and Implementation Model. It is easy to teach, which allows you or your company's employees to learn about the concepts and application of lean principles. He created his model based on his years of hands-on experience working with clients in the UK, USA, Mexico and Canada.  

Learn more about the 10-Step Training and Implementation Model by reading his book!

Here you can access some FREE lean training materials...

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