Level 4 - Lean Transformation Leadership Training Course

Implement and establish a Lean Management System

Course Summary

The number one reason why lean transformation projects fail is because of poor management and the lack of leadership skills. Most companies place the responsibility for their lean transformation into the hands of a single individual such as a manager or senior level employee. In the beginning, all is working well while the person is available to provide some oversight and to drive the projects towards completion. However, should this person be promoted, moved out of the position or leave the company, the lean transformation process often begins to flounder because of the lack of leadership and oversight, and eventually it will fail.

The Lean Transformation Leadership training course was designed and developed by Chris Turner to share his 35+ years of hands-on experience working in the continuous improvement field. He created this course to demonstrate how to become a lean leader and to successfully manage a lean transformation!

The purpose of this course is to demonstrate how to implement and establish a Lean Management System which is a continuous improvement infrastructure using tried and tested lean tools and techniques. Chris will explain the differences between a traditional management system and a lean management system. He will give a comparison of the two systems to share the pros and cons of each methodology. Chris will also explain the difference between management and leadership.

Course Curriculum

Christopher Turner

After working for almost 40 years in the continuous improvement field with clients around the world, I am sharing my personal knowledge and hands-on experience through these cost-effective and self-paced online training courses with any person, group or organization that wants to learn how to improve their business processes.

Brian Cunningham

CEO & Leadership Author

Your course helped me tremendously in my progression through leadership. And at some point, it became clear to me that what was needed in leadership was a significantly expanded perspective of the possibilities of leadership! Thank you!

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    Implement and establish a Lean Management System

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