Level 2 - Lean Manufacturing Practitioner Training Course 2020

Intermediate Level Course - Upgraded version 2020

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Introduction to
Lean Practitioner

Organizational Behavior
Facilitation Skills

Step 1
Strategy Deployment

Step 2
Value Stream Mapping

Step 3
Workplace Organization

Step 4
Improve Process Flow

Step 5
Reduce Process Downtime

Step 6
Implement a Pull System

Step 7
Balance the Workload

Step 8
Develop Standard Work

Step 9
Advanced Problem Solving

Step 10
Lean Supply Chain

Christopher Turner

After working for almost 40 years in the continuous improvement field with clients around the world, I am sharing my personal knowledge and hands-on experience through these cost-effective and self-paced online training courses with any person, group or organization that wants to learn how to improve their business processes.

Course Summary

The Level 2 – Lean Practitioner was originally designed as a forty hours training course, and was typically presented over five consecutive business days by an on-site consultant at a client’s premises.

Our Level 1 - Lean Awareness training course is a good place to start your lean journey because it creates a solid foundation of knowledge about lean concepts and terminology.  

In our Level 2 - Lean Practitioner training course, you will be following a step-by-step procedure to learn about the practical application of the most important lean manufacturing tools and techniques that will deliver results.

Course Curriculum

Steve Brown

Manufacturing Manager

Chris Turner’s expertise in lean manufacturing is very thorough. He presents the material in a manner that makes it easy to grasp...I would highly recommend his  lean training courses!

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