Lean Manufacturing Facilitator Training Package

This course includes four of our premium training courses in one package - Lean Awareness, Lean Practitioner, Lean Expert & Lean Leadership!

Course Summary

 This training package  includes four of our premium lean manufacturing training courses  bundled together to create our Lean Facilitator training and certification course. This course was designed for anyone wanting to learn how to teach others about lean manufacturing principles, and to facilitate process improvement teams.

It includes everything you need to learn about lean manufacturing principles and how to teach them to others.  If you purchased the individual courses included in this bundle separately, you would have to pay $796.

Today, we are offering the Lean Facilitator training and certification bundle with a 40% discount at a reduced price of $475! Or sign up more people and receive more savings, see the pricing below!

Christopher Turner

After working for almost 40 years in the continuous improvement field with clients around the world, I am sharing my personal knowledge and hands-on experience through these cost-effective and self-paced online training courses with any person, group or organization that wants to learn how to improve their business processes.

Course Pricing

  • Lean Manufacturing Facilitator Bundle
  • $475 USD

    Payment for one person!

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  • Lean Manufacturing Facilitator Bundle
  • $2225 USD

    Sign up 5 people
    Save $150!

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  • Lean Manufacturing Facilitator Bundle
  • $4275 USD

    Sign up 10 people.
    Only pay for 9 people!

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