Step 3 - Workplace Organization

In Step 3, we re-organize the work area and implement visual management techniques.

What is Workplace Organization?

Workplace Organization is the powerful combination of two lean tools, 5S and Visual Management.
A 5S system is used to identify and eliminate waste that causes searching for tools, equipment, information, etc. The 5S principle is “a place for everything, and everything in its place.”
Visual controls are a series of techniques used to allow anyone to differentiate between a normal and an abnormal situation. The purpose of implementing visual controls is to manage a production process.

Workplace Organization

What are the steps in a 5S System?

A 5S system have five steps:

1. Sort- Separate necessary from unnecessary items
2. Set in Order- Identify a defined location for necessary items
3. Shine- Inspect all necessary items through cleaning
4. Standardize- Implement the best practices in all work areas
5. Sustain- Develop 5S into a daily habit

What is involved in Visual Management?

Visual controls techniques can be flashing lights with audible sounds to attract attention such can be seen at a crosswalk. They are used for stopping or correcting a problem as it occurs. A good examples of visual management are signs, lines, labels and color coding to show where and how to place items.

Workplace Organization Video

In this short video, Chris Turner - Lean Mfg. Coach will give a brief explanation about Workplace Organization.

Workplace Organization Course

I have an individual training module for Workplace Organization available to purchase. It is from my advanced level training course which is Level 3 - Lean Expert in Manufacturing. For more information click the image below:

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