Lean Six Sigma for the 21st Century Practitioner - Green Belt

Practical Lean Six Sigma Improvement Techniques!

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Course Summary

Chris Turner has 35+ years of hands-on knowledge and experience working with clients, organizations and individuals wanting to know how to improve business processes in manufacturing, healthcare and administrative companies.

He has poured all that he learned over the years in the continuous improvement field into designing and developing this innovative training course he has called "Lean Six Sigma for the 21st Century Practitioner." There are three versions available: Free, Yellow Belt, and Green Belt.

The goal of these courses is to teach practitioners what they really need to know to improve processes, nothing more, nothing less and to move away from the expensive and time consuming complexities of traditional Lean Six Sigma training programs which are stuffed with tools and techniques most practitioners don't need or will never use.

To achieve this, Chris Turner created an easy to follow, step by step approach to continuous improvement using a number of basic, easy to apply quality and continuous improvement tools and techniques.

In this course, Chris demonstrates how to get past the hype and implement Lean Six Sigma to deliver fast results. You can preview some of the training videos in the course curriculum below!

Course Curriculum

Christopher Turner

After working for almost 40 years in the continuous improvement field with clients around the world, I am sharing my personal knowledge and hands-on experience through these cost-effective and self-paced online training courses with any person, group or organization that wants to learn how to improve their business processes.

Chris Turner

Course Facilitator

If you're serious about continuous improvement and want to cut through the highly expensive and complex bureaucracy of the traditional Lean Six Sigma training programs, I suggest you try my Lean Six Sigma for the 21st Century course. Kick the tires and take it for a spin. Sign up today - Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

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