Level 1 - Lean Manufacturing Awareness Training Course

Beginners Level Course

Course Summary

The Level 1 - Lean Awareness training course was originally designed as eight hours of training, and is typically presented in one full business day by an on-site consultant at many of our client’s premises. Just like in the picture of a jigsaw puzzle house, this course has been designed to help you to easily identify the individual elements of the lean manufacturing system and put them together.

When you sign up for our online version of the “Lean Awareness in Manufacturing” training course, you will receive the same quality step by step instruction from Chris Turner, our Lean Manufacturing Coach.

Our online training modules teach and demonstrate the same principles that were designed and developed in the Toyota Production System. These principles have allowed the Toyota Motor Company to become globally accepted as a World Class – Lean Manufacturing business.

John Gent

Production Manager

I highly recommended this course. It was easy to understand, informative, and very well organized. The course is full of practical and valuable information for anyone who wants to enhance their skills. I really enjoyed it. Thank you!!

Course Curriculum

Lean Manufacturing Coach

Christopher Turner

After working for almost 40 years in the continuous improvement field with clients around the world, I am sharing my personal knowledge and hands-on experience through these cost-effective and self-paced online training courses with any person, group or organization that wants to learn how to improve their business processes.

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  • Level 1 - Lean Awareness Training Course
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