Step 1 - Strategy Deployment

We need to ask an important question: "What are the first steps in the lean transformation process?"

Step 1 is focused on identifying what and where a business needs to focus its resources to get the "best bang for the buck" from their lean transformation process.

What is Strategy Deployment?

Strategy Deployment came from the Japanese term "Hoshin Kanri". This process was developed by compiling the best practices of companies who competed for the Deming Award in Japan. Strategy Deployment is a tool to help a business define how it must improve to reach its vision.

Strategy Deployment Inputs?

The Strategy Deployment procedure requires three inputs:

1. Define where the business needs to be. What is the desired future state (vision)?
2. Collect the performance data for each key business process
3. Gap analysis to determine difference between the current and the future state

Strategy Deployment Outputs?

The Strategy Deployment procedure generates four outputs:

1. Strategic initiatives which are improvements to reach the future state (vision)
2. Identifies the opportunities for improvement (Kaizen) in key business processes
3. Generates feedback and results from key business processes improvements
4. Develops Standard Work or best practices

Strategy Deployment Video

In this short video, Chris Turner - Lean Mfg. Coach will give an explanation about Strategy Deployment and why it is so important for it to be Step 1.

Strategy Deployment Course

I have an individual training module for Strategy Deployment available to purchase. It is from my advanced level training course which is Level 3 - Lean Expert in Manufacturing. For more information click the image below:

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